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CFI has developed a range of specialist finance and loan products just for the accommodation industry, including hotels, holiday parks, apartment complexes, and managed units. Keeping your accommodation investment to a high standard can dramatically improve ratings, occupancy, and ADR, but it can also be costly. A finance solution from CFI allows you to make improvements now and align the cost to future revenue, preserving your hard-earned capital.

Financing for Motels & Hotels

CFI specialises in upgrades and refurbishments for Motels & Hotels. We can help finance:

– Technology & Software

– Bedding & Soft Furnishings

– Room Refurbishments & Upgrades

– Bathrooms & Amenities

– Restaurant & Dining Areas

– Branding & Signage

– Common Areas & Amenities

– Re-financing & Acquisitions

– Specialist Structured Loans

Benefits of CFI Accommodation Finance


Apply for your loan online in minutes. The process is simple, decisions are fast, and you can talk to a real person about your specific needs.


We can offer flexibility around loan terms, repayment structures, finance product and more. Don't settle for cookie cutter, talk to an industry expert!


Competitive rates with weekly repayments aligned to your cashflows.


We offer a broad range of finance products so that you can choose the one that works best for you. Whether it's a flexible rental, loan, or a lease.


Don't pour capital into depreciating assets. Using CFI you can align your income with your expenses and retain your capital for driving business growth.


Reach us when you need us. Our friendly customer service team are available 24 / 7 and are always happy to help.

The Process

The process changes slightly depending on what you’re financing and the finance product you’ve selected. Typically it looks something like this:

1. Get quotes for the equipment or works you want to finance

2. Apply online with CFI Finance and receive fast loan approval

3. Choose the finance solution that meets your needs

4. Contracts are executed electronically and payments made directly to your supplier on your approval.

Get finance today with fast approvals!

Client Testimonials

My experience with CFI Finance was brilliant. The team offered expert advice backed by industry experience and communicated in a kind, courteous and respectful manner. CFI Finance's options delivered on exactly what we were looking for, and allowed us to move forward after a poor experience with our bank. I would definitely recommend CFI Finance to anyone in the industry who is seeking quick and simple access to funds to upgrade or refurbish their property.
David Pratt
Best Western Southgate Motel
I love how CFI Finance gives property owners a chance to renovate, without all the hassles the banks give them.
Christopher Fozard
Budget Motel Chain

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