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Why more brokers are turning to CFI Finance

Business Finance that's Fast, Flexible, and Fair...
That's CFI Finance.

Are you looking for a finance company that can see when a deal just makes sense?

At CFI we know that not every deal fits seamlessly into a neat and tidy box. All of our customers have different requirements, different experience, different goals, and no two deals are the same.

That’s what makes CFI different. Most deals we fund are the result of working closely with our introducer partner, seeking to understand all aspects of a transaction, and looking for more ways to say ‘yes’.

Talk to CFI about accreditation today, or reach out to workshop a deal…

Set Deals The Others Can't

CFI Finance is about saying 'yes' more often, and looking for ways to make a deal work. You'll never hear "computer says no" when working with CFI. Our team works closely with our introducer partners to build a deeper understanding of the customer and the transaction.

Working Together

With CFI it's about understanding the needs of all parties: financier, introducer, and customer. We love it when our introducers have built deep and long-lasting relationships with their customers and we're here to support that, not get in the way of it.

Leverage Our Specialties

Our broker introducers automatically get access to our specialist underwriting criteria, products, and support materials across a range of market segments, including our franchise network accreditations and accomodation industry products.

Broker Portal

Our Broker Portal lets you enter and track customer applications, prepare and save quotes, send requests to your customer to have them complete application information themselves, and much more.

Download our Introducer Guide

Our Introducer Guide gives you all the information you need about how to deal with CFI. In it you’ll find useful information about the types of finance we provide, as well as details on how you can save time with our Broker Portal.

Broker FAQs

Do I need to be accredited to introduce deals to CFI?

Generally yes, accreditation is easy and you can start the process online. We can accept limited referrals from non-accredited brokers, however referral fees are limited and CFI must deal directly with the customer. You can also complete the accreditation process in parallel with your first deal approval. Click Here to get accredited.

Does CFI have a Broker Portal?

Yes we do, with our broker portal you can quote deals, submit and track applications, ask your customers to complete  online applications or provide bank statement, and more. Talk to your CFI contact about portal access if you’re not setup already.

What sort of finance does CFI provide?

CFI provides Business Loans (Secured over all business assets), Asset Finance (Chattel Mortgages & Leases), and Working Capital for established businesses.

You say CFI are the 'Franchise Finance Specialists' what does that mean?

At CFI we started out just financing franchises, so we’re very good at it. CFI has relationships with lots of major franchise brands, and our franchise accreditation model can make it easier for existing and prospective franchisees to access funding. Brokers can still introduce transactions for our accredited brands.

We’re also happy to work with brokers to develop or support franchise relationships which are already in place.

Will CFI fund startups / new NZBN's?

Yes we will. CFI’s work in the franchising space has helped develop our underwriting criteria for new entities. The transaction should still make sense, with customers expected to have relevant experience and some ‘skin in the game’.

Does CFI have a Broker Credit Matrix?

No we don’t. Part of what sets CFI apart is our ability to look at transactions from a range of angles and to structure a security position that can help ‘make a deal’ where others can’t.

Is CFI just a 'white label' for someone else?

No. CFI is a true independent finance company, we make our own lending decisions and set our own policies.

Does CFI automatically hit the credit files of applicants?
Typically we will try to pre-qualify deals from information other than the credit file (such as bank statement analysis and active workshopping with the broker), we will generally only run credit checks when we believe that we are likely to have appetite for the transaction.
What sort of assets will CFI finance?

Honestly it would probably be easier to list things we wouldn’t finance (but it’s hard to think of many). We do look at the realisable value of assets pledged as security, but that’s considered alongside a broad range of other factors, particularly the people involved in the business, servicing capability, and more. If you’re unsure the best bet is to workshop a deal with one of our team by calling 1300 659 676