Cost & Funding Scenario

There can be lots of moving parts when you’re looking to start or buy a new business. This form helps you to breakdown the various costs involved as well as the different sources of funds (both capital and debt).

This Cost & Funding Scenario can be useful to you in its own right, and can also help CFI understand more about a transaction when you’re seeking funding.

Cost & Funding Scenario v2
Let's start with a couple of simple questions, this will help us to set up the form to suit you.
Are you starting a franchise business?
Is the business you're buying a franchise?
OK. Is this business a franchise business?


Does the business have physical premises?
Will your business have physical premises?
Will your business have physical premises?
Step out your Cost & Funding scenario.


First we'll step out the costs

This should be the total purchase price for the business you're looking to purchase.
Enter the Franchise Fee (even if you've already paid it in full or part)
Most franchises charge a fee for the transfer of the franchise agreement. If it's not contained in the Business Purchase Price above then put that in here.
If you have physical premises this is where you put the cost of setting up the business the way you want it. Put in the full amount and don't deduct any landlord contribution (if applicable) as we'll do that below.
If you're taking over leased premises you will usually need to provide a bond (or a bank guarantee for it). Typically this is equal to around 3 months' rent.
Put the cost of any large items of equipment here. Anything from vehicles to kitchen equipment.
Stock is often shown separate to the purchase price. If you know that you'll need to pay for stock on top of the price above, put in the estimate here.
Enter an estimate for legal fees, setting up a company, any other fees or licenses etc.
If there are any other known costs you can enter them here.
(CFI may require a security bond for some transactions. A 10% bond is assumed as an estimate only and will calculate automatically.)


Then we'll step out the sources of funds

How much to you have available (or access to) in total savings?
Click here to automatically populate based on current information.
Have you already paid anything towards any of your costs?
For example if you've already paid a deposit, or you've already paid to setup a company, we'll then deduct this from the funds required.
How much do you have available to contribute to the business purchase?
Sometimes a landlord will cover some of the costs associated with fitting out your new business. If you have agreed a landlord contribution it goes here.
Are you planning to borrow funds from anywhere else?
If you're planning to borrow funds from any other source (or sources) then the total amount goes here.
Working capital is the cash your business has to pay bills. Remember that it might take time to start turning a profit but most bills start straight away!

Total Costs

Start by entering your costs.

Total Funding

Start by entering your various sources of funds

Summary Section


Let's get some numbers in the calculator and then we'll see how things look.

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