CFI's fast and flexible finance helped to get this tradie back on the road.

When Joseph's work van gave up the ghost, he needed finance fast! To make matters worse there was still a little bit of finance owing on the vehicle.

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Joseph knew exactly what sort of van he needed, and there were several comming up for auction the next day, he just needed to know that he could get the finance. As a prior CFI customer, Joe knew just who to call. CFI was able to approve him for finance in less than two hours!

Fast Facts

Joseph needed vehicle finance with a bit of flexibility

  • He wanted approval to buy at auction
  • There was still some finance owing on his old vehicle that needed to be refinanced
  • He’d need funds to get vinyl wrapping and signage on his new vehicle
  • As a tradie he planned to fit the vehicle out himself but wanted some extra cash to spend on the fitout materials

The Scenario

Joseph is an exeperienced jack-of-all-trades, he needs his van to be working every day. His old van had quit with a small amount of finance still owing and Joe needed a new vehicle fast. He wanted to buy his new vehicle at an auction the next day and he needed some extra funds to fit it out.

The Positives

  • Joseph could show good payment conduct for his previous finance commitments and he had clear credit.
  • He was planning to buy a good quality asset and it was absolutely core to his business.

The Challenges

  • Joseph needed an approval in time to bid at auction the next day, with enough flexibilty around price, van type, age, etc. to allow him to bid for the best deal that suited him.
  • There was still a little finance owing on the old van that needed to be paid out.
  • Joseph needed additional funds to cover vinyl wrapping, signage, and materials for a custom fitout Joe would install himself.

The Results

CFI was able to give Joseph an approval within a matter of hours. Funding was available for the van the following day, including approval to payout the previous finance and for the money that Joe would need to spend to turn his new-to-him van into his perfect mobile workshop.

Case Study Callouts

Approval to buy at auction wasn't a problem, with plenty of flexibility for the customer to select the van that best suited his needs

Showing good conduct on previous finance contracts (with CFI or other lenders) counts for a lot

Rolling some associated costs into the deal is generally ok, so long as they make sense and servicing is evident.

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