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We've pulled together some great resources to help customers start or buy a business, obtain finance, and more.

A quality business plan is a must when it comes to starting a new business. You can download a template business plan application from here

Your financial forecast is key to understanding your business viability. You can access our financial forecast template for Microsoft Excel here. Alternatively franchise businesses may be able to obtain a template from their prospective franchisor that is tailored to that particular network.

A Cost & Funding Scenario helps you set out your costs, capital and debt to get a clear picture of what you need to borrow and how the transaction will come together. You can use our online Cost & Funding Scenario form here.

Having a clear handle on your personal assets and liabilities is a great start when it comes to applying for finance. You can download our Asset & Liability Form from here.

A Commitment Schedule helps you set out your personal and business commitments such as mortgages, loans, and credit cards. You can download our Commitment Schedule from here.

Acknowledgement of our Privacy Terms and Consent for us to use your personal information is usually done as part of our online application process. On rare occasions we may require a Privacy Acknowledgement and Consent from another party involved in the transaction, if you require the form you can download it from here

Our templates, tools, and forms are provided free of charge and for you to use as you wish. They are provided without warranty for any particular purpose and may not suit your particular circumstances.

Where to next?

Get Pre-Approved

Apply online for finance in just a few minutes. Getting your finance in place should be one of the first steps on your franchising journey, whether you’re starting your first business or expanding your franchise footprint.

Tools & Calculators

Get and instant Online Quote, check out our How Much Can I Borrow calculator, or plan your startup costs with our Cost & Funding Scenario tool.

Finance Products

CFI has a range of Finance Products, from Business Loans to Equipment Finance and Working Capital. Find out more about our products and how CFI can help grow your business.

Franchise Experts

CFI Finance are the franchise finance experts. Learn more about what makes CFI the first and best choice when it comes to franchise finance here.

Franchise Accreditation

Accreditation is about driving network growth, providing streamlined access to funding for new and existing franchisees. If you’re a franchisor, take a look at the benefits of getting accredited with CFI.

Why CFI Finance?

CFI Finance is truly independent finance company. We’re not part of a bank, and we’re not a broker, learn more about what makes dealing with CFI different.

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